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Squeaky Brakes

Written by Mike Killa

Squeaking brakes are usually a result of incorrectly positioned brake blocks. The squeak eminates from a resonance that is cuased by the rear of the block contacting the wheel rim before the front of the block.

To eliminate squeaking, the pads should be positioned with toe in which means the front edge of the blocks should touch the rim just before the rear. When you apply the brake the blocks comply with the pressure and make full contact with the rim.

This adjustment can usually be done at home with an allen key and a 10mm spanner. However, whilst it appears relatively easy, mistakes can be made! So if you are in any doubt please bring the bike in for us to make sure.

Please don't apply oil or gease to the braking surface to stop the sqeak, this will reult in no brakes and a bigger repair bill.

Last Updated on Dec212020